Sunday, 3 May 2015

Be Wise

Last Friday was my niece's 2nd Birthday.

I once loved to create handmade birthday cards, but when I became a Mom, I started to rely on high street card shops, as time was short.

This week I decided to change that...
The main graphic, the owl, is from Mels Brushes. I've bought quite a bit from this site over the years and it really is worth a look.

The Whimsy Animals clipart set features my chosen owl.

As with my 'Heart On A String' engagement card project, I designed the layout via Microsoft Word - it's not the greatest application, but it does the job for things like this!
I used the Sue Ellen Francisco font (as text boxes) - I originally saw this on PicMonkey, loved it, so downloaded it for myself.

You can get it here.

As my design was quite plain, I created a patterned insert using the owl image. A blank text box provided a place for me to write my personalised greeting, once printed.
To create a 3D effect, I printed 2 additional copies of the owl; I cut out the whole owl from one and just the eyes from the other. I used foam pads to create a 3D effect.

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