Sunday, 16 March 2014

Get Knotted

Another use for old coffee jars ...
This knotted twine lantern has a nautical feel and is a great upcycle craft.

Craftberry Bush's tutorial is fantastic and I used it as a guide to create my lantern.
I did a trial run with some wool and once I got the hang of the knotting, I got out the twine.
Rather than use a separate piece of twine around the top of the jar (as in point 1 of the tutorial), I just cut one of my 6 pieces a little longer and looped it around the top of the jar before knotting.
Once my knots had reached the bottom of the jar, I simply tied opposite strands tightly together. As most jar bottoms are concaved, these knots wouldn't impede the lantern should it be standing.
A doubled-up piece of twine tied to the top of the jar gave my lantern its handle.
Looking forward to making more and hanging them around the garden this Summer. Though they're beautiful lit indoors too.

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