Friday, 22 November 2013

Living life to the Max

Back to the blog and introducing our baby boy Max...
He was born just over ten (yes that's right, ten!) weeks premature and after seven weeks in hospital, he is finally home.

He stopped growing in the womb and was better off out.

He was born just 1lb 12oz.
His stay in hospital felt like 7 months rather than 7 weeks!

Life in the Neonatal Unit was tough. Clinical. Scary. Alarms and leads everywhere. Every day the same - daunting.

Max was lucky; his stay in hospital was a steady one. He was in a incubator for 6 weeks. Then he was moved to a cot and within days he was ready for home.

He was discharged at 4lb 3oz, just 3 weeks before his due date. He is on various medication, but nothing we can't deal with at home.

Let the fun begin!


Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous! I'm so glad he's home. All babies are miracles, but what a special little angel you have. I will keep you all in my prayers. Take care.

Ali said...

Its lovely to see him home with his Mum and Dad. He is so gorgeous. What a wonderful Christmas your going to have. Thank you for sharing your beautiful boy with us.
Ali x

Ginx Craft said...

He is gorgeous, and you must be so happy to have him home. I love his little hands in the woolie cardigan.

Dawn Jones, Spinner Extraordonaire said...

What a blessing he is!

Lucy Blossom said...

He is adorable, now he's home you can enjoy spending that special time with him as a family. *enormous hugs* for you all.