Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Putting Pen To Paper

Do you still write letters? In this technical age it seems sending emails is the preferred form of 'written' communication. But when you receive an email, do you get the same excitement you once had upon receiving a hand written letter?

It's easy to email... type your message and press SEND. But to write a letter, you need to get paper, a pen, an envelope. You have to sit down at a desk and write - being careful to be neat, so your words can be clearly read. You have to buy a stamp. You have to take the letter to a post box. It takes time. 
Last week I met a remarkable young lady. The beautiful Jodi Ann Bickley is a poet from my hometown of Birmingham. In 2011, whilst performing at a festival, Jodi was bitten by a tick. This resulted in a brain infection called mengo-encephalitis and whilst being treated in hospital, Jodi suffered a mini stroke. Since then, Jodi has remarkably learned to walk and write again.

Some days she is too exhausted to do anything, but on the days she feels she has strength, Jodi writes. She writes to strangers, all over the world. Sending them "a hug in an envelope". Telling them how lovely they are. Cheering them up, making them feel special.

IMAGE: onemillionlovelyletters
One Million Lovely Letters is an amazing and beautiful idea. Jodi invites people to email her their details, a little about themselves and then she sends them a letter. So far she has written over 600 letters - so proof right there that people still love to receive a letter!

IMAGE: onemillionlovelyletters
If you would like "a hug in an envelope" why not visit One Million Lovely Letters.

It's guaranteed to give you a warm fuzzy feeling!


Kate Coleman said...

What a beautiful idea.

I do still try to write letters, but increasingly just e-mail or text - you are so right thought it is much nicer to receive a properly written letter.

Just love your post box picture; making me feel very homesick.

Kate x
Kate at Home

Bronwyn said...

What a lovely idea! And such a warm and giving heart that Jodi Ann has. I bet every letter makes the recipients day!!