Sunday, 24 March 2013

I'm Away With The Fairies

It's March, it's officially Spring, yet it's snowing!
This time last year we were tidying up the garden ready for some chilled out evenings sat by the chimnea with fairy lights hung around the patio.

My heart fairy lights from Lights4fun have spent the winter hanging in the dining room, but hopefully they'll soon adorn the patio once again.
I've been looking for some more fairy lights for the garden and these have made it onto my wish list...

Sunflower led battery lights will give a warm glow along with the reds and oranges from the burning chimnea
Colour changing butterflies and multicoloured dragonfly lights will look great hooked up through the trees - and they're solar powered.
And my favourite ... well one of my favourites from my "heart" search ...
... Filigree Heart lights ... the way the light shines through is beautiful and would look great alongside my crocheted tealight holders


Jeannie Clemens said...

Your blog title I'm away with the fairies...caught my attention. My mind immediately escaped to a far away place.

Rachel said...

It's still snowing around here lately. When will spring ever come? I love the heart lights you found, those look really special!