Friday, 16 November 2012

The Heart of Christmas

Here's some quick Christmas decorations that can also be made for use all year round (minus the snowflake!)
I don't sew much, so this was quite a challenge.

I started by marking out a heart shape on the felt using a self made template. I like that the template was hand drawn, as it's unique.
I then embroidered a snowflake onto the centre of one of the hearts. I busked this, though you could use a tissue template for guidance.

I wasn't very happy with the embroidery on the red heart, so I covered my 'mistake' with a button!
Using blanket stitch (I just 'Googled' how to do it!) I joined the hearts together, packing with soft toy filling as I went along. 
The final pieces are now ready for the Christmas tree...
I think the burgundy one is my favourite, despite the button cover up!

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