Sunday, 30 September 2012

♫ So leave a peppermint stick for old Saint Nick ♫

Now I love Christmas, I love twine and I love hearts. So this project is perfect!

A rustic candy cane tree decoration...
The shops are already filling up with Christmas goodies, so it was easy to get my hands on some peppermint sticks
Using glue dots as I went along, I wrapped twine tightly around the stick, not even bothering to remove the wrappers
I formed the shape of a heart, using a glue dot to stick the top and some twine to tie together the bottom
Finally I made a bow from my Mollie Makes subscription gift ribbon and stuck it on with yet another glue dot (I am starting to love glue dots nearly as much as twine!)
I wonder if my husband will attempt to dismantle this when he needs a sugar fix?!

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