Sunday, 30 September 2012

Cattle be the day

In the fields behind our home, Exmoor ponies Asprey, Ralph and Dixon have company...
One minute I was looking out at an empty field, the next there was a herd of Longhorn cattle!

At first they were a little camera shy ...
... but they soon learnt to strike a pose
There's plenty for them to munch on ...
And the trees didn't escape!
I guess we'll have to be extra careful where we tread from now on!

♫ So leave a peppermint stick for old Saint Nick ♫

Now I love Christmas, I love twine and I love hearts. So this project is perfect!

A rustic candy cane tree decoration...
The shops are already filling up with Christmas goodies, so it was easy to get my hands on some peppermint sticks
Using glue dots as I went along, I wrapped twine tightly around the stick, not even bothering to remove the wrappers
I formed the shape of a heart, using a glue dot to stick the top and some twine to tie together the bottom
Finally I made a bow from my Mollie Makes subscription gift ribbon and stuck it on with yet another glue dot (I am starting to love glue dots nearly as much as twine!)
I wonder if my husband will attempt to dismantle this when he needs a sugar fix?!

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Och aye the noo

Last week we spent a few days visiting the west coast of Scotland; home of my ancestors
A cruise along Loch Lomond, just 6 people onboard (it was lunchtime, so I guess everyone else was having a nice pub lunch!)
Thankfully the rain kept away, so we could enjoy being out at the front of the boat
Altogether now... ♫
Next a trip to Largs, home to The Pencil monument
Single ice-cream nougat courtesy of Nardini's at the Moorings...
... enjoyed whilst looking over to the island of Cumbrae, as the sun began to set
Over on Cumbrae, they like to make the most of the rocks.

Millports's Crocodile Rock, long before Elton John sang about it (!) ...
and an actual rock face at Bell Bay (if you shout at it, the echo is amazing!)
Finally, several (and I mean several) trips around the island to find the 5 posts which, if you touch all 5, are said to bring you good luck
... I still haven't won the lottery though...

Monday, 10 September 2012

I've fall-en for church candles

I love church candles and recently realised I don't have any around my home. So, it was time to put that right with an Autumnal Candle...
And this is a true scented candle as the decoration is potpourri.
I took a few pieces from the pack and glued them together.

I tied a few strands of garden raffia around the candle.
To make the decoration easy to remove when you want to light the candle, I attached a paper clip to the back. This could then just be clipped on to the raffia to cover the knot.
A simple candle which smells great without needing to be lit.

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