Monday, 30 July 2012

Great Balls Of Twine

Twine. I love twine. I have loads of twine. I am a twine addict.

And so I made these... decorative twine balls
I have seen them in Department Stores, adorning furniture, so I tried making my own.

Balloons, twine, PVA glue, paper clips and the garage washing line...
Oh and I forgot, patience too!

I applied the glue bit by bit. I found this the less messiest way.

As I wrapped the twine around the balloon, I wasn't convinced it would work, but I carried on regardless - hopeful that I would be proven wrong.
I was allowed access to my husband's garage (!) to hang them to dry, using the pegs to stop them sliding down the line.
I left them overnight and after bursting the balloons and pulling them out of the twine...

Considering I was unsure, I was quite pleased with the finished product
Think I may use the idea for some fairy light covers this Christmas ... watch this space 

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