Saturday, 9 June 2012

Home Alone

I am home alone this weekend (my Husband has gone to a muddy music festival). It's the first time I've been alone in our house. I planned to do loads today, but what with the lousy weather, I really didn't feel like going out.

After a lie in, I made breakfast (well it was more like brunch as it was gone 11AM). Scrambled egg on toast with a coffee. I did it in my own time, my own way. I cleaned up as I went along. I called back my Mom (I had missed her call). She was checking up on me; being a Mom :)

The house was quiet and I didn't see anyone.

I then emptied the washing machine. The sky had cleared, so I put the washing out. I hung things up my way, I used matching pegs on each garment (I know, weird!). I replied to my brother's text about someone on Twitter and I replied to my friend Tom's text about our friend's wedding reception.

It was quiet and I didn't talk to anyone.

I went to the office and sat at my laptop reading the news, reading blogs, setting up my new Facebook page (please 'LIKE'). I watched people walking their dogs on the field out the back.  I saw the birds try to chase the buzzard away. I listened to what I wanted to listen to on the radio.

The radio drowned out the silence, but I didn't speak to anyone.

I turned the radio off (not a fan of Lisa Tarbuck). I sat back with a coffee and read the latest Mollie Makes. I then sorted out my fabric stash cupboard (all the material I love so much that I don't want to use). I listened to the church bells ringing in the distance.

Bells were ringing, but I didn't speak to anyone.

I browsed Facebook and Twitter, I read posts on the Better Blogger Network, I pinned a few things on Pinterest. I looked at the time .... 21:13! Almost a quarter past 9PM. A day not having any real contact with a human being.

I've missed my husband...
...but I am not going to wash his muddy clothes when he returns...

I've not missed him THAT much!

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