Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Twiglight Zone

The rain may have ended the 'hosepipe ban', but it's sent the weeds and plants in the garden wild. Cutting back the hedgerow left us with plenty of branches. So I saved a few from the incinerator to make an unusual tea light holder.
With the unseasonal weather we have had lately, I had to dry them out first. The fire on in late June!
I measured and cut them all to the roughly the same size and then painstakingly used my new glue gun to stick each twig to the tumbler.
After many swear words later (my glue gun is VERY temperamental!) I finally finished it.
The sun set and the tealights came out...

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Football Crazy

We've just celebrated the Diamond Jubilee and in July we have the Olympics, but in the meantime, to keep the nation going there's Euro 2012. 


You normally have to book in advance to dine at this country pub...
We were the only customers in the entire pub. 

After so many years of disappointment, England is still football crazy!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Home Alone

I am home alone this weekend (my Husband has gone to a muddy music festival). It's the first time I've been alone in our house. I planned to do loads today, but what with the lousy weather, I really didn't feel like going out.

After a lie in, I made breakfast (well it was more like brunch as it was gone 11AM). Scrambled egg on toast with a coffee. I did it in my own time, my own way. I cleaned up as I went along. I called back my Mom (I had missed her call). She was checking up on me; being a Mom :)

The house was quiet and I didn't see anyone.

I then emptied the washing machine. The sky had cleared, so I put the washing out. I hung things up my way, I used matching pegs on each garment (I know, weird!). I replied to my brother's text about someone on Twitter and I replied to my friend Tom's text about our friend's wedding reception.

It was quiet and I didn't talk to anyone.

I went to the office and sat at my laptop reading the news, reading blogs, setting up my new Facebook page (please 'LIKE'). I watched people walking their dogs on the field out the back.  I saw the birds try to chase the buzzard away. I listened to what I wanted to listen to on the radio.

The radio drowned out the silence, but I didn't speak to anyone.

I turned the radio off (not a fan of Lisa Tarbuck). I sat back with a coffee and read the latest Mollie Makes. I then sorted out my fabric stash cupboard (all the material I love so much that I don't want to use). I listened to the church bells ringing in the distance.

Bells were ringing, but I didn't speak to anyone.

I browsed Facebook and Twitter, I read posts on the Better Blogger Network, I pinned a few things on Pinterest. I looked at the time .... 21:13! Almost a quarter past 9PM. A day not having any real contact with a human being.

I've missed my husband...
...but I am not going to wash his muddy clothes when he returns...

I've not missed him THAT much!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Proud to be British

Here in Britian we have a 4 day weekend, celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It's something only to happen here once before, during Queen Victoria's reign. I will never see anything like it again in my lifetime, so I have tried to soak up as much as I can.

My favourite tea towel has a new lease of life
Yesterday, I attended a Commonwealth Celebration at a local Multi Faith Centre. What a day! So many people, from so many backgrounds, coming together to celebrate the Jubilee. I was working (covering the occasion for radio) and I have to say it was quite an enjoyable day's work. It made me proud of the multi-cultural West Midlands.
The weather has been typically British! Today it has not stopped raining.

Earlier we visited our local pub for a quick drink. We were welcomed with flags and bunting. A great atmosphere. Everyone was watching the TV coverage of the preparations in London (it was raining there too).
Once home, David and I settled down in front of the TV, fire on (in June!), to watch the Jubilee Pageant down the Thames. Umbrellas everywhere, but fair play, the crowds were jubilant. I sat watching with pride. I stood for the National Anthem.
If only I had bought those glasses from Asda, I could have worn them today!