Thursday, 31 May 2012

One green bottle...

Every other Monday we put out our recycle box full of glass, metal and paper for collection. Occasionally (ahem!) there's a wine bottle in the box. Now, what with my twine obsession and my need to save the 'occasional' wine bottle from the crusher, I came up with this...
Twine can be messy as it sheds as you manipulate it; glue is best used in a well ventilated area - so I sat outside in the sunshine and began my task.

I started at the top of the bottle, securing the twine with 'all purpose' glue. I then gradually worked my way down the bottle, applying glue as I went along. 

It's here that a glue gun would have been very handy - I need to get one!
Covering the bottle was a slow process, but worth taking the time to get it reasonably neat. An extra pair of hands (a la my husband) was very useful, allowing me to keep the twine tension.
Now for the finishing touch, a simple fabric flower, made from a tea towel I picked up at a bargain shop.
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