Monday, 30 April 2012

To Have and To Hold

I came across this linky party today from Absolute Mommy.

I just had to take part! Any excuse to talk about the happiest day of my life.
My Dress was by English designer Phil Collins £350 (in the sale)
My headdress came from the online site Crystal Bridal Accessories (£80)
My small diamante earrings came from the high street store Oasis £5 (in the sale)
Trying to find wedding shoes in November?? Thankfully Next had them in stock at £35
Flowers: Christmas Bouquet (well it was the first weekend of Advent!)

Car: Rolls Royce - wedding gift from a friend
I designed and made all of my invitations, Order of Ceremony and table stationery. Many a night spent printing, cutting and stapling card (my finger on one occasion!)
My Sister made our cake - her very first attempt at anything like it!
The bridesmaid dresses were another sale item - this time a Last Season sale at Debenhams and a bargain at £19 each!

My Mom knitted their bolero cardigans.
The ceremony was held at a local hotel and witnessed by 40 guests
'You may kiss your Bride'
On the ground were traces of the light snow flurry earlier in the day - a true White Wedding!
During the ceremony, my niece read this poem by Emily Matthews. It pretty much sums up how we felt.

Marriage is...

Someone to believe in
And to put their trust in you
Someone who appreciates
The special things you do,
Someone to be close to,
In your heart and mind,
Someone who’s the love
You thought you’d never find,
Someone who stands by you
And whose faith can make you strong,
Someone you will cherish
Every day, your whole life long.


Amanda said...

You did participate! I'm so glad! Your wedding pictures are beautiful - you look SO happy!

Bronwyn said...

What a beautiful day! You looked gorgeous and your invites were so elegant!

Bronwyn @ Queen B Creative Me

AbsoluteMommy said...

I dreamed about a Christmas wedding. It was beautiful. And love the rolls by the way. Nice gift from a friend. You were a beautiful bride.
Thanks for linking up!!